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For your Customers

Help them to give access to Xero© invoices

Most business owners want privacy in some parts of Xero©, but they often need to let staff have information about invoicing to do their jobs.

With Did They Pay they can go both. By giving access to invoicing, while restricting what can be seen, Did They Pay solves this dilemma for your client

Did They Pay can;

  • Exclude accounts from view
  • Allow staff to send copies of invoices
  • Allow staff to create new invoices

With Did They Pay, you can empower your clients and their staff while ensuring a secure and efficient accounting experience.

For You

Add to the support you offer

By joining the Did They Pay partner program, which is free for approved companies, you can earn a monthly rebate for every client you refer.

As a Did They Pay Partner you have the ability to

  • Set up accounts for your customers,
  • set up their users
  • Allocate accounts to users

Did They Pay gives you an innovative way to help your clients make more of their business.

Please note all the client's fees are chargeable through your partner account and you will need to add a suitable credit card for the fees to be collected on a monthly basis. Rebated rates of between 25 and 28% off full price are available, depending on the number of client companies you add to your account.

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