Adding a client company.

  1. To add a new client company to your partner account, click on the add new company button in your dashboard.
  2. Click the Adviser button and complete the details of the client company, their name and their industry, then click continue.
  3. You now need to select the subscription for this client company, and click the start free trial button.
  4. You will then be taken to our payment partner, stripe dot com.
  5. The first time you add a subscription for a client company, you will need to enter your company credit card, not that of your client.
  6. Click in the Securely save my information for one-click check out area, and enter your mobile phone number. This will allow you to not have to enter your details each time you add a client company. If you choose not to do this, you will need to add your credit card each time you add a customer.
  7. Click the start trial button.
  8. Next, you need to connect the customer's xero account to the client account. We advise logging into Xero in another browser tab before proceeding to make it easier for you to connect quickly.
  9. Select the account of the client to connect to from Xero, and press the allow access button.
  10. The client account is now set up and ready to use the functions of did they pay.
  11. You will need to set up the first client user for the company.
  12. Click on manage team in the top address bar.
  13. Click Add team member.
  14. Set the level of the team member in this case it is owner.
  15. Enter the name and email address of the team member.
  16. Click the invite to team button.
  17. The team member will be sent an email invitation to join the account for their company on Did they pay.
  18. You can now add more other team members for your client, or the client team members you set as owner or admin can add team members themselves.
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