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Are you frustrated by having to wait to get the financial information you need to do your job correctly?

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Are you frequently interrupting your boss, manager or supervisor to get invoicing details about a client under your care?

Do you rely on others to send invoice copies, or new invoices to the clients you manage effectively?

Did They Pay offers you direct access to your customers, enabling you to view their invoice history, outstanding invoices, and overdue payments.

Furthermore, Did They Pay allows you to send invoice copies and generate new ones directly from the platform, which are sent out via Xero©, and enter directly into your accounts, no double handling.

This software comes with online training resources and onboarding courses to ensure you and your colleagues maximize its potential.

Utilizing Did They Pay eliminates delays in your workday, enhancing your productivity by providing the information you need.

Speak with your supervisor or boss and let them know that Did They Pay is available for a 30-day free trial, allowing them to see firsthand how it can boost your efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

Individual Accounts

We have priced Did They Pay so your staff can have their own access to just their client's invoices.

Controlled access

You can limit the clients that an employee can see to just the ones they need to see.

Up to date information

As it is linked directly to Xero©, the information is always up to date.

Create invoices

As well as viewing the status of invoices, Did They Pay allows your staff to create new invoices just for the clients they can see. 

Account Packages

Our packages are designed to be affordable and to avoid the need to share logins, so that you can stay organized and efficient.


Per month

Our $20 plan is ideal for companies with up to 5 users.


Per month

Our $40 plan is ideal for companies with up to 15 users.


Per month

Our $60 plan is ideal for companies with up to 50 users.

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