Viewing Your Client Accounts.

  1. Log into did they pay.
  2. In your dashboard you can see all your client accounts.
  3. If there is an outstanding invoice, it will show in the status column, this is indicated in orange.
  4. If there is an overdue invoice, it will show in the status column, which is indicated in red.
  5. You can toggle between the different statuses of invoices.
  6. You can use the search box to find a specific client.
  7. If you click the text status in the grey bar, it will reorder the different statuses of invoices.
  8. To view the invoices of a client customer, click on their name.
  9. This will give you a summary of current and previous invoices.
  10. To view an invoice. click on its number
  11. This then opens and shows you the details of the invoice
  12. If you wish, or the client requests it, you can send a copy of the invoice.
  13. Click on the email invoice button.
  14. The invoice will be sent from Xero directly to the customer. No invoice details are stored in Did they pay.
  15. In the breadcrumb navigation in grey at the top of the screen, you can choose to go to the client summary or, to your dashboard directly.
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